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My mother and me


Doing what we love best--cooking!


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Food, and my parents’ way of preparation, has been our link to the world they left behind.

Let's start at the beginning...
My beloved Mother was born in India and moved to Kenya when she was three years old. My beloved Father was born in Kenya. They were family friends and fell in love. Both families approved of their love connection. In a culture of arranged marriages this was highly irregular.
My father was studying medicine in England and my mother worked for the Kenyan High Commission when they had me. I’m the oldest of five siblings. We moved to Canada when I was six years old. Here we began our lives as the only Indian Sikhs living in a small town in Saskatchewan .
Food and my parents’ way of preparation, has always been our link to the world they left behind. When we moved to Saskatoon only a hand full of Indian families were living there. They became my “uncles and aunties”. These are the families we shared our lives with, on sundays prayed with and best of all prepared many delicious Indian meals with.

I started peeling onions at the age of 7
My mother’s kitchen was enormous; the first of its kind back then! A huge 9 foot solid maple island with a 5x5 ft exhaust fan above was our centralcooking/dining area. This is where we all gathered, ruminated, and shared our love of food.
When I moved to the west coast, I started working in the wholesale fashion industry. Representing clothing lines from Europe, traveling back and forth, covering western and eastern Canada.
At the end of a typical workday, I would cook for just myself. Craving the dishes of home, I would call my Mum on the phone and she would remind me of how long to cook the onions before adding the wash the basmati rice before boiling...If you can’t find fresh spinach, frozen will do, etc. Even today we still have telephone conversations that revolve around our favorite subject matter—Food, Glorious Food!

When I met the man of my dreams
I left the home of my dreams to be with him. I moved to upstate New York and now live in Woodstock. Happily married and not yet working, I started cooking up my specialties and to my delight, my husband David has not stopped raving about my cooking! This got me thinking. My siblings and myself included, have all intermarried and my nieces and nephew will never completely experience the cooking traditions of my parents. Please don’t get me wrong, my sisters are fantastic cooks. However, they haven’t the time to make samosas from scratch or stand over a deep fryer for hours. Our family traditions and our culinary legacy might disappear! It's up to me to preserve our heritage of these unique, exotic and delicious dishes. So I started writing, documenting and calling home for information. When my parents come to visit us - we‘d cook all day, eat and celebrate our precious recipes that have been passed down from our beloved ancestors.
One evening as we sat for dinner, I realized that so many people would love to cook and eat like this. And why not? Of course this took months of wrestling with the idea of giving away my heirloom family culinary secrets. My beliefs were in danger. This is not what we’re taught to think, serving the greater good is what we’re born to do, right? So with my conscience cleared I started teaching Indian cooking and sharing my family’s culinary secrets.
Its been an awesome experience. I could never have imagined the responses that have occurred. The smiles, the overall nourishment, and the healing that my family recipes have provided is indefinable.

I love cooking, I love teaching...
I would never have believed it possible, if it weren’t for the urging of my Spirit saying, “Go do this!!”

ThanksGiving with Samosas!













Ttraditional Sari


My wonderful parents


Henna painted hands!


Nephew Neel and
second cousin Jessica