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Personalized Classes

Small Group Classes
Tailored  to your individual taste, cook with your friends in the convenient location of your own kitchen!

Host a class with four of your friends and your class is complimentary!
Included in each class are printed recipes and a sit down family meal

Private Classes
Take a one on one in your very own kitchen!
Kiran will give you all the individual attention you need to make
the simplest & aromatic rice to the most complex & delicate samosas!

In 2 hours learn how to prepare a delectable Indian meal
with Kiran’s 5-Step Design

The Introduction
Learn the building blocks that Indian dishes are based on.

The Vegetarian 
Prepare a complete vegetarian meal. Learn how legumes and vegetables
are a main stay in Indian homes.

The Curry

Prepare a meal that includes meat, chicken or fish, vegetable and paranthas.

The Roti
Prepare Indian breads including Parantha, stuffed parantha, naan, and more.

The Rice
Learn to prepare perfectly aromatic scented basmati rice.

Last but not least--the meal!
As you break freshly baked bread together,
you’ll appreciate how the ingredients you prepared have come together
to create a perfectly delectable feast!


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Create a personal cooking experience for you or your group!

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Cooking Class at the Woodbine Inn